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Case Studies: UCIG Energy's Global Impact

Discover the stories behind UCIG Energy’s exemplary performance in fueling operations across the globe, showcasing our dedication to excellence in challenging environments.

RZE/EPRZ Fueling and Handling: Supporting Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine
Amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, RZE/EPRZ airport emerged as a crucial entry point for humanitarian and military aid. As the official DLA contractor at RZE, UCIG Energy played a pivotal role in supporting the USA and its allies, ensuring the smooth flow of aid to Ukraine despite challenging circumstances.
SCL/SCEL NASA Fueling: Enabling Scientific Operations
UCIG Energy's expertise extends to supporting complex scientific operations on behalf of NASA. With precision and reliability, we provide fueling solutions that enable NASA's missions to push the boundaries of scientific exploration.
Niger Military Coup: Unwavering Commitment in Unprecedented Situations
Even amidst political instability and military coups, UCIG Energy remains steadfast in its commitment to supply fuel. Our ability to navigate complex situations ensures continuity in operations, maintaining vital support for our clients.
4. Djibouti Operations: A Decade of Support for US Operations
For over a decade, UCIG Energy has been a trusted partner in supporting US operations in Djibouti. Our unwavering dedication and expertise contribute to the success of military and humanitarian missions in the region.
Puerto Rico: Resilient Energy Solutions in the Face of Natural Disasters
In a region frequently impacted by hurricanes, UCIG Energy provides stable energy solutions to Puerto Rico. Our resilience and preparedness mitigate the impact of natural disasters, ensuring continuous support for the local community.


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