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Prioritizing punctual departures, our trip support proficiency consistently reinforces the esteem of our clients. We provide services for an extensive array, from scheduled flights and spontaneous charters to military operations, elite VVIP transportation, and critical medevac missions.



Jet A1: The Preferred Choice for Commercial Aviation Worldwide
Jet A1 is widely utilized as the primary jet fuel for commercial aviation worldwide, excluding the United States. This fuel is well-suited for international flights, particularly at high altitudes with low temperatures, due to its high freeze point of -47°C. Jet A1 is the preferred fuel for a wide range of commercial aircraft, including passenger jets and cargo planes. Due to its wide availability and standardization, it has become the preferred fuel for international carriers.
JP-8 is a widely used jet fuel that plays a crucial role in military operations for the United States and NATO forces. It shares similarities with Jet A1, as it contains additives that enhance its performance in cold weather, prevent corrosion, and improve electrical conductivity. JP-8 is commonly used in various military aircraft, including fighters, bombers, helicopters, and transport planes. Its versatility and enhanced properties also make it well-suited for ground vehicles and generators, providing logistical advantages in the field.
TS-1: Designed for Cold Climates
TS-1 is a specialized jet fuel type that is specifically formulated for cold climates, particularly in Russia and other regions of the former Soviet Union. With a lower freeze point than Jet A1, it's perfectly suited for areas with harsh winter climates. TS-1 is commonly used in aircraft that operate in cold environments, whether they are military or civilian. With its exceptional low-temperature performance, this product guarantees the utmost reliability and safety for flights operating in and out of airports located in colder regions.
AV Gas: A Preferred Option for Piston Aircraft
AV Gas, also known as Aviation Gasoline, is a type of fuel specifically formulated for piston-engine aircraft. Similar to an energy analyst, AV Gas is specifically designed to meet the higher compression ratios of piston engines, ensuring the necessary octane levels to prevent knocking, unlike the kerosene-based fuels used in jet engines. AV Gas is commonly utilized in small, private, and training aircraft equipped with piston engines. It is commonly used as the preferred fuel for propeller-driven planes, including vintage and sport aircraft.


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